SATURN cistern

  • Kataloški broj/art no. : 65799
  • Zapremnina/Volume : 9L
  • Dimenzije/Size : H min - 107 mm, H max - 232 mm, L min - 90 mm, L max - 210 mm

Main properties of SATURN cistern

It is made of high-quality plastomers:
  • Surfaces and flush pipe made of ABS plastic
  • Filling valve is made of polyacetal (POM) and polyamide (PA) with brass threaded connection 3/8"
  • Flush valve made of ABS and highly resistant silicone rubber
  • EPS insulation against condensation
Wall hight or low assembly Water inlet is available from three sides : left, right and from the cistern back

Operating characteristics:

  • Adjustment of filling volume: from 9 to 6 L (min. 4,5 L)
  • Optimized flush rate according to DIN
  • With low installation, fast-acting water saving START-STOP plate/ button can be used
  • Silet fill

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