Privacy Policy

SANTAJ PLASTIKA D.O.O. attaches great importance to the protection of users’ personal data. The privacy policy regulates the manner in which we handle the information we process or collect when you visit our website.


Collection and processing of personal data

Personal data are those data that identify you (such as name, address, e-mail or postal address, etc.). SANTAJ PLASTIKA D.O.O. does not collect your personal data unless you have explicitly made it available to us (eg when ordering a product or when you contact us or for any other reason), thereby consenting or giving consent to their use for the purposes listed below.


Policy of using and storing cookies (HTTP cookies)

Our websites use cookies. Cookies are small files that are temporarily stored on your hard drive, which allows our website to recognize your computer the next time you visit.

Depending on the settings of your internet browser, cookies may be accepted automatically. If you do not agree to their use, you can delete and/or permanently disable cookies on your computer or mobile device at any time using the settings of the browser you are using.


Processing of personal data that you enter in forms on the website

The information you enter in the forms on the website is used exclusively for sending messages (inquiries, purchases, etc.) or the requested service. Your data is protected, hidden from third parties, and not used for any other purposes other than those described above.

Your data will be published to the following categories of recipients in the following cases:

  1. The information required for the delivery of the goods will be disclosed to the shippers. Please note that only the information required for the delivery of the goods will be disclosed;
  2. In the case of direct delivery, your data may be used for the purpose for which you’ve provided it.

We also note that the processing of the above data is necessary for the conclusion of the contract. Therefore, if you do not provide the above information, we will not be able to enter into a contract or process your order.


User rights

The user decides what information he/she makes available. In the event of a change to any personal information, please notify us so that we can correct or update your personal information.

We hereby inform you that you have the right to withdraw the given consent at any time, in whole or in part, by notifying SANTAJ PLASTIKA D.O.O. in writing to the address Sunčana 17, 31550 Valpovo, with the indication “protection of personal data GDPR”, in the electronic form to the e-mail addresses listed under the heading “Contact” or orally by phone +385 (0)31/656-400. Upon receiving the statement of withdrawal of consent, we will acknowledge the receipt in writing or orally, and personal data covered by the statement of withdrawal will no longer be processed starting from the date of withdrawal of consent. All processing and/or transfers made up to the date of withdrawal of consent will remain legally valid.

In addition to the right to withdraw consent, users – in accordance with applicable data protection regulations – have the right to access personal data, the right to rectification, the right to erasure (so-called “right to be forgotten”), the right to limit processing, the right to portability of the data and the right to object to the Data Protection Supervisory Authority.