Today’s company Santaj plastika d.o.o./Santaj plastics Ltd. dates back to 1986, when the Santaj family realized the idea of establishing a family business by opening a craft workshop for plastic products injection molding. The very beginning was based on one automatic plastic injection molding machine situated in a garage only 25 sqm in size, where Zvonko Santaj commenced production of several types of flower pots. He never dreamed that one day his little workshop would become a real factory, with a range of over 200 various products, successfully presented to European markets.

After 30 years of production, Santaj plastika d.o.o. Valpovo, is the company that covers 15.000 sqm of production area, with a production hall of 3.800 sqm and employs 120 employees. The Croatian Chamber od Economy has also recognized the quality of production and development by awarding it the plaque “Zlatna Kuna” in 2005 for the most successful company in Osijek-Baranja County.

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